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X-Factor is a singer/songwriter CD with Christian lyrics and a Christian heart and mind perspective. It includes power ballads, Christian blues, Christian funk, and CCM style songs. In science, when there is a problem and a solution can't be found, there is always one factor that is still not realized that could solve the problem. This factor is known as the 'X-factor'. The X-Factor for human and societal problems is Jesus, who was symbolized by an X in the first century.

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X-Factor CD: There Is Hope
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A great listening experience of all originals with vocals sax, and production.
Review for There Is Hope

"Whenever I listen to this amazing song - There Is Hope (which was daily for a long time) - the anointing of God is in Dennis's voice and words ... so much so that he is able to encourage me to keep walking on this very difficult road that I'm on. This is a definite breakthrough for him, in achieving that special seasoning directly from the Lord of Lords." Dina Perkins, Montana

Reviews for some of Dennis' Music:

"Dennis Marcellino has a great voice. I've been singing professionally for over 30 years and can really appreciate it. Ya' don't hear very many good vocalists these days!!"
Rick Reed,

"I absolutely love this CD! Dennis is so-o-o talented. My thanks to Dennis for making such beautiful music. He has a beautiful voice, and tremendous instrumental talent. I hope this CD makes it big because this is something too great for the human race to not have!"
Theresa Lina, Concert pianist, Atlanta, Georgia

"WOW!!! I have never heard such an incredible CD!!"
Bill Carty, Music Arranger, First Redeemer Church, Alpharetta, Georgia. Pastor is Dr. Richard Lee of the There's Hope TV Ministry

"I can’t remember when I’ve been so entranced by an album. Marcellino is a master virtuoso. 5 STARS!”
Wayne Thompson, Jazzscene Magazine
(For the "Evening To Remember" CD, re-released as "Tenderly")

"The greatest saxophonist on the planet!"
"Spotlight" review, Vision Music

"(sigh) Absolutely gorgeous! The first two cuts just absolutely floored me. I thought they were just dazzling. Many cuts on this CD are absolutely beautiful."
Ken O'Brien, DJ, KGON-FM, Portland, Oregon

"The NEW BEGINNING CD puts me into ecstasy.
Dennis has been given a beautiful gift from God."
Lynn Hoffman, Fiat Voluntas Tua, Tracy, CA

"Dennis Marcellino's music is totally phenomenal! I mean, REALLY. I don't impress easily, and I'm beyond impressed. I'm blown away"
Carl Spagnuolo, Musical Director for Bo Diddley and entertainment attorney, Boca Raton, FL

"If there is a better sax player in the world,
I haven't heard him."

Carter Knox, entertainment director,
Fred Meyer Corporation (the #1 retail music
outlet on the west coast

"You are magical with woodwinds and fact, you make Kenny G sound like a novice..."
Steve Steinfeld, Beggars Road Music, top record search firm

Track Listings:

1. There Is Hope    
2. Blessed Are The Meek    
3. Oh Holy Spirit    
4. You Need To Stop   
5. Be At Where You're At   
6. I Only Want Love   
7. Come Follow Me
8. The Hope In My Life
9. Eternity To Be High
10. It Rests In You

About the Artist:
Dennis Marcellino is a master musician, saxophonist, vocalist and instrumentalist.
He is a former member of some very famous bands including: The Tokens (the band who had the hit, "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"), Sly & The Family Stone, The Elvin Bishop Group, and Rubicon.

With these groups he recorded 10 albums. As a solo artist he had the #1 selling cassette in the Northwest in 1992 & 1993 ("It’s Christmas"); a 1994 CD release "Daddy’s Home"; a 1999 release titled "New Beginning"; and a 2002 CD titled "The Spirit Of Christmas".

Besides being a member of the above groups, over the years he’s recorded and toured as a musician/vocalist with Sha Na Na, Rare Earth, 3 Dog Night, The Electric Flag, Graham Central Station, Billy Preston, Leon Russell, The Coasters, The Drifters, various Motown recordings, among others.

He has also been a special guest star on many television shows, including The Tracey Ullman Show, American Bandstand and Merv Griffin.

He scored and performed the music for a number of movies, and sang the lead and played sax on two songs in "Sweet Bird Of Youth", starring Elizabeth Taylor and Mark Harmon.

Relatives who achieved acclaim in music:
Jerry Marcellino (Motown writer and producer for Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Bobby Darin, The Jackson 5, +), Jocko Marcellino (leader of Sha Na Na), Vince Guaraldi (1st cousin once removed), Sonny Bono, Muzzy Marcellino (who whistled the hit soundtrack for "The High And The Mighty", "The Good, The Bad And The Ugly", the theme from "Lassie", and was bandleader for "The Art Linkletter Show"), Mark Stefani, Gene Marcellino (former bass player for Gary Lewis and The Playboys) and Yochanon Marcellino, record company executive and producer.

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